February 8, 2023

Can an Inverter Generator Power a House?

Today’s aging electrical grid is more vulnerable to blackouts than ever before. Do you have a way to keep the lights on if the power goes out? If not, you should seriously consider getting a generator. But what type of generator is right for you?

If you’ve been exploring your options, chances are you’ve run across inverter generators. These small but mighty power generators offer many benefits over conventional portable generators, but can they power an entire house? Find the answers to your questions here.

generator powering different things

What Is an Inverter Generator?

A traditional generator produces “dirty” power with surges that can harm sensitive electronics. An inverter generator converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) and then inverts it back to AC for a smoother flow without the ripples and irregularities of dirty power.

Along with delivering a more stable energy flow, inverter generators offer these additional benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: Inverter generators gear down when not being utilized fully to conserve gasoline, allowing you to refuel less often.
  • Portability: Inverter generators are much more compact and lightweight than traditional portable generators, making them easier to move around and store.
  • Less noise: Quiet operation makes inverter generators great for campgrounds, where official noise restrictions may be in place.
  • Ease of use: There’s no need to rev the engine and wait for it to warm up. Instead, simply press a button, plug in cables, and enjoy a smooth, reliable current.

Can an Inverter Generator Power a House?

You can use an inverter generator to power appliances and devices in your home, just like a portable generator. This involves snaking heavy-duty extension cords outside and plugging them into the unit (which should never be operated inside due to carbon monoxide concerns).

However, inverter generators have a relatively low power output ranging from about 1 to 9 kilowatts (kW). Even running two high-output inverter generators in parallel is only enough to power the essentials, such as a refrigerator, a small kitchen appliance or two, the TV, and a handful of lights. For this reason, inverter generators are intended to provide temporary power for RVs, trailers, and mobile homes.

Consider a Home Standby Generator Instead

If you’re looking for something more permanent with higher power outputs, consider a home generator from Generac. This appliance is permanently installed outside your home with a direct connection to the electrical panel, allowing it to come on automatically during a blackout. Models range from about 7kW to power a handful of appliances to 150kW for luxury homes and small businesses.

Schedule Generator Installation in New Jersey

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