December 12, 2019

How Long Can Generators Run Continuously?

How Long Can Generators Run Continuously

Whether dealing with a power outage or taking a camping trip in an RV, generators can make life easier.

While they come in handy in many circumstances, they can’t run continuously for long stretches of time without damaging the engine or even creating safety hazards. The length of time that a generator can be used in one setting varies on several factors.

The Hazards of Overusing a Generator

Using a generator for too long can deplete the oil supply and cause the engine to overheat. This can lead to mechanical problems and engine failure. In addition, an improperly used generator can cause a fire. Most manufacturers will give a recommended maximum running time for the generator model that can easily be referenced.

The Type of Generator

Portable generators are relatively small and can only power a few appliances at a time. They’re great for outdoor activities like tailgating or for keeping essential appliances running during a power outage. Portable generators can usually run for several hours at a time without any issues, but it will depend on the exact model. Standby generators, on the other hand, can power an entire house and can usually run for days at a time. This will also depend on the exact model.

Wattage Size

Every generator has a wattage size that gives an idea of how many appliances it can power, the consistency of the power supplied, and how long it can run. The smaller the wattage size, the less time the generator can be used continuously.

Proper Maintenance

Generators will perform better with regular maintenance by a certified electrician. Generators need oil for lubrication and regular inspections to check for any mechanical issues. Proper maintenance not only adds to the running time but also increases the life of the machine.

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