January 20, 2023

Do Solar Generators Work in the Winter?

solar panels generator

A solar generator is an electrical device that uses the sun’s energy to produce electrical power. Unlike a generator that uses gas or diesel fuel, a solar generator converts sunlight into electricity. The energy produced can be stored in batteries so the it can be used later when needed. Solar generators are very popular for campers but can also be used at home when you lose power from the electric grid.

Solar generators use photovoltaic cells made of semiconductors that absorb light and convert it into electricity. These cells are designed to pick up visible light from the sun, as opposed to ultraviolet or infrared light, as only visible light can carry enough energy to produce an electric current.

Solar Generators in the Winter

In the winter months, there’s less sunlight, and the days are shorter. Solar panels don’t work on the heat they receive from the sun, but from the light. If you use high quality, high efficiency panels, you can still produce energy during these winter months when there’s less sunlight available. A good quality solar panel will have an efficiency rating of 20% or more. This means that 20% of the energy collected will be converted into usable electricity. 

Does Snow Affect the Panels?

Modern solar panels are designed to withstand winter weather conditions, including snow or ice. While snow or ice won’t usually damage solar panels, you may need to clean the snow or ice off of the panels to get the best performance from them. If it’s a light dusting of snow, the heat generated by the panels will usually melt the snow. Also, snow is usually accompanied by wind, and the wind can keep your solar panels cleared.

In addition, the white snow on the ground reflects the available sunlight. Your solar generator can absorb the reflective power of the snow and convert it into electricity.


The use of a regulator can help you to control the energy flow of power from your solar panels. This will keep your batteries from being overcharged or over discharged. It will also prevent any back feed from happening during storms or blackouts.


Solar generators work best when there’s plenty of sun, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work in the winter or on cloudy days. High efficiency solar panels will effectively generate electricity for you to use when disconnected from the power grid.

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