March 24, 2020

Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

Three red candles sitting in front of a pumpkin

If an emergency happens, don’t be scared—be prepared. A power outage might not seem like the worst thing that could happen to your home, but it can be inconvenient and even dangerous. Instead of waiting for the energy provider to restore your power, there are steps you can take to help deal with power outages.

Electrical Needs

Most of the devices in your home rely on electricity. During a power outage, alternative sources of power can keep things running almost normally. However, it can be difficult to tell how long it will be until your power is restored. If you have a generator or another backup energy option, think about which items are the most vital, such as your refrigerator or any essential medical equipment. You should consider unplugging the devices that aren’t as important to maximize your backup energy source’s lifespan during the outage.

Supply Preservation

During an outage, you’ll end up using some of your emergency supplies, so it pays to keep track of what you have. It’s always a good idea to keep nonperishable foods and basic medical supplies in your home. Leave your refrigerator and freezer closed to preserve perishable foods. If you have a gas grill or stove, you can cook some of the food that might not survive the outage. Having non-food supplies, such as cash, candles, and extra toiletries, will also come in handy during an extended power outage.

Staying Safe

Outages can happen for several reasons, like inclement weather or serious accidents. The roads around your home might be covered with downed power lines, trees, ice, and other obstacles, so don’t drive unless the authorities say that the streets are safe. If meteorologists predict severe weather in your area, you can avoid an outage altogether by evacuating before the storm hits.

Power outages are rarely fun, but with a little preparation, you can avoid many of the issues they cause. At Seidel Electric Inc., we have a wide range of top-of-the-line generators for your home. We’ve offered our services and knowledge to families in the Tri-state area since 1944. Contact us about buying a generator today.