September 1, 2022

Why does my generator leak oil?

Why does my generator leak oil?

You’ve purchased your home generator and are ready for whatever mother nature can throw at you, but you’ve noticed an oil leak in the generator.  What’s the cause? Will it affect the performance of my generator when I need it most? How do I know if it’s a real leak or something that’s normal? Who can I contact to take care of it if it IS a real problem


For the most part, you’ll have very few problems with your new Generac generator, especially if you schedule regular maintenance check-ups by your dealer. One of the first issues you might encounter would be an oil leak. If your generator is leaking oil, there’s usually an easy fix, but you first have to determine the cause of the leak. Start by making sure the unit can’t switch on while you’re checking it or performing any maintenance.

Check the oil to make sure you actually have an oil leak, and it’s not just grease and grime on your machine. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, and check the level.  If you’ve filled the reservoir recently and it’s less than full, you may have a leak. Or, the leak could be caused by overfilling the reservoir. This could indicate a failure of the machines pump system to function properly, or it could just be human error.

Next take a look at the oil drain plug to make sure it’s tight. If it’s loose, you may need to replace it.  Also, check for any other loose bolts on your generator. 

Engine block coolant hoses could also be the source of your leak. These hoses can be stressed because of the heat generated by the block, so check these for leaks or excess wear.

There’s even a chance that you don’t really have a leak. A small amount of pooling inside the casing might not be a problem. Some generators are prone to a problem call wet stacking, in which fuel and soot accumulate in the exhaust and drip out as an oily sludge.

While it’s important to purchase the right generator for your home, it’s equally important to make sure that routine maintenance is performed to keep it at the ready at all times. As an authorized dealer of Generac Generators, we are experts at installing and maintaining emergency electrical systems for your home, and our friendly staff can assist you in choosing the type and size generator.

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