January 25, 2022

Reasons to Get a Home Generator

Has this ever happened to you? A storm or heavy winds have hit your neighborhood, and the power has gone out, leaving every house dark, but one. How are their lights still on? You walk closer and hear a sound like an engine running. They must have a home generator. 

Then you go back to your home to find some candles and matches in the dark, and make sure no one opens the fridge or freezer and lets the cold air out, which will spoil the food. Maybe you have to sit in the car for a while with the engine on to charge your phone. Maybe you have work to do but your laptop battery is dying. You have no idea when the power will come back on. Do you go out and buy ice and a cooler to save all your perishable food? Will you have to go and find an open coffee shop where you can plug in your laptop and finish your work? This is not a good feeling. 

As your neighbor knows, a good home generator, such as a Generac, avoids all of these problems. But they’re also good for other purposes and situations. 

Construction and Renovation

Besides unexpected power outages, there are other times when you may have to be without power for a significant amount of time. If your home is being renovated or you’re having an addition done, the workers may need to shut off your power in order to do electrical work. Since this outage is planned ahead of time, you can have your home generator all set up and ready for the exact time when the power is turned off, and you’ll have a good estimate of how long you’ll need to keep it running. 

Outdoor Activities

There are a variety of situations in which you may need access to electricity away from your house. A portable generator is great for this. Perhaps you need to use a power tool to repair a fence at the far end of your property and don’t want to buy or use a long series of extension cords. Maybe you have an electric leaf blower and need to use it far from any of your electrical outlets. You can also use a portable generator to create power for a campsite or an outdoor party. 

Electric Car Help

If you or someone you know drives an electric car, a portable generator can be a godsend. If the car runs out of power, the portable generator can be driven to it to charge it back up. This would save waiting for, and paying for, a tow truck to take it somewhere to be charged.  Seidel Electric Inc. helps home and business owners throughout the Blairstown, New Jersey area with advanced electrical solutions. Whether you need generator repair or want to install a new unit, our qualified technicians will arrive to offer friendly and professional support. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and financing options.