January 31, 2022

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Home Generator

If you’ve done any research on home backup generators, there’s a name you’ve probably seen pop up over and over again – Generac. Have you wondered why Generac is the nation’s #1 manufacturer of home generators? Here are a few reasons why they lead the industry. 

Variety and Flexibility

Generac manufactures a huge range of generators — from portable units to permanent installations, from residential to commercial and industrial setups, from high-power to green and ultra-quiet high-efficiency models. A Generac home generator can be set up to power your entire house or focus on the appliances that matter the most — like your refrigerator or your HVAC — based on how much energy you expect to be available. They also have varieties based on fuel source – liquid propane (LP), diesel, gasoline. Some Generac units connect to your natural gas supply so you don’t have to worry about replenishing a limited supply of fuel. 

Mobile Link Remote Monitoring

Many Generac home generators come with Mobile Link — a free service for remote monitoring. This feature connects your generator to your home wifi network so that you can use your smartphone, computer or tablet to monitor its readiness and usage, or be notified immediately when your generator is running, exercising, or ready for routine maintenance. You can also use this system to connect your generator with a local Generac service dealer. If your generator is being installed in a location without access to a wifi network, a cellular device is also available. 

Automatic Power Supply

Generac home stand-by generators can be connected to your home’s circuit breaker with a fully automatic transfer switch that instantly recognizes when power goes out, and starts replacement power generation within seconds. With this configuration, you don’t have to rush home or jump out of bed to connect your generator to your home’s wiring in the dark. 

They’re Tough

Generac home generators are designed to last for decades, and withstand all sorts of weather. This is an essential factor, because when do you need a generator the most? Usually after a severe weather event. It’s no good having a generator that won’t work after a heavy storm. That’s why Generac home generators are designed and built to be so tough. 

Decades of Experience

Generac was founded back in 1959, and was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators. In the following decades, Generac has been on the cutting edge of the industry, while maintaining their reputation for safety and reliability. They’ve also been a leading developer of manual and automatic transfer switches, which turn the generator on when power goes out. They know this field inside and out.  Seidel Electric Inc is an official Generac PowerPro Elite dealer. We help home and business owners throughout the Blairstown, New Jersey area with advanced electrical solutions. Whether you need generator repair or want to install a new unit, our qualified technicians will arrive to offer friendly and professional support. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and financing options.